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Executive Committee

Photo of Mary CadenassoMary Cadenasso

Mary Cadenasso is an urban ecosystem ecologist and an assistant professor in the Department of Plant Sciences, where she teaches Urban Ecology and Ecosystems and Landscapes and serves on the Executive Committee of the Graduate Group in Ecology at UC Davis.  She is a founding co-Principal Investigator on the Baltimore Ecosystem Study, a National Science Foundation, Long-Term Ecological Research program.  Her research focuses on the testing links between system structure and ecological functioning across multiple systems and scales. She collaborates extensively with hydrologists, biogeochemists, geographers, historians, social scientists, and urban designers. mlcadenasso@ucdavis.edu

Photo of Clare GuptaClare Gupta

Clare Gupta is trained as a political ecologist with a background in the natural sciences and she is interested in how environmental and agricultural policy influence and are influenced by rural livelihoods. As a newly hired extension specialist, she intends to work with legislators and community groups who are crafting legislation that will impact farming communities in California. Gupta envisions working with county advisors, fellow extension specialists, and UC academics to design research that elucidates how emerging state agricultural policies (e.g. urban agriculture zoning, community supported agriculture bill, farm worker protections, proposed water bond) impact community food systems—especially from the perspective of small-scale producers. She also envisions designing research questions that help state departments and boards to implement new agricultural policies in context-appropriate ways. Overall, Gupta’s work aims to leverage scholarship on the concerns of California communities into data-driven public policy. cgupta@ucdavis.edu

handy.jpgSusan Handy

Dr. Susan Handy is a professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy and the Director of the University Transportation Center at UC Davis.  Her research interests focus on the relationships between transportation and land use, both the impact of transportation investments on land development and the impact of land development patterns on travel behavior, and she has more than 50 publications on these topics.  She is internationally known for her research on the connection between neighborhood design and walking behavior and is widely respected in the field of transportation planning for her ability to link research to policy and practice. slhandy@ucdavis.edu

Dr. Bruce HaynesBruce Haynes

Bruce Haynes is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at UC Davis. He is an authority on race, ethnicity, and urban communities. His publications include RED LINES, BLACK SPACES: The Politics of Race and Space in a Black Middle-Class Suburb (Yale University Press 2001 Reissued in paperback 2006) and The Ghetto: Contemporary Global Issues and Controversies (Westview Press Sept. 2011). the second book uncovers important scholarship on ghetto-like communities in the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. His research interests include suburbanization, the black middle class, race and racial formation, and urban community organization. bdhaynes@ucdavis.edu

RiosMichael Rios

Michael Rios is associate professor in the Department of Human Ecology and is affiliated with the Community Development, Cultural Studies, and Geography Graduate Groups at UC Davis.  His research interests focus on community engagement, placemaking, spatial governance, and the practice of planning and design.  Critical essays have appeared in Cities and the Politics of Difference (University of Toronto Press 2015), The Informal American City (MIT Press 2014), Insurgent Public Space (Rutledge 2013), Beyond Zuccotti Park (New Society Press 2013), and Landscape Urbanism and its Discontents (New Society Publishers 2013).  He has co-edited several books including Diálogos: Placemaking in Latino Communities (Routledge 2013) and Community Development and Democratic Practice (Routledge Forthcoming). mxrios@ucdavis.edu

Photo of Dan SumnerDaniel A. Sumner

Daniel A. Sumner is the director of the University of California Agricultural Issues Center and the Frank H. Buck, Jr. Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC, Davis where he teaches and conducts research and outreach on agricultural economics and policy. Before coming to the University in 1993, Sumner was Assistant Secretary for Economics at USDA. dasumner@ucdavis.edu

M. Anne Visser

Anne Visser is an assistant professor of Community and Regional Development in the Department of Human Ecology. She has conducted considerable research in the areas of labor markets, economic development, and workforce development in the United States and internationally. She is the author of numerous scientific papers and other publications, and was the editor of Low Wage Workers and Organizing, published by WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society in 2015. She has managed multiple research outreach and demonstration projects as Primary Investigator related to labor markets, employment, and economic security in national and international contexts. Dr. Visser received her Ph.D. in public and urban policy from the New School University (New York, NY), a M.A. and bachelor's degrees from the California State University, Fresno. mavisser@ucdavis.edu

Stephen Wheeler

Steve Wheeler is the author of Planning for Sustainability and co-editor of The Sustainable Urban Development Reader. His current research is on  the built landscapes of metropolitan regions and planning for climate change. He will be working with the center on topics of regional growth management, urban design, sustainability, and planning for climate change. smwheeler@ucdavis.edu