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Innovative research that challenges the way we understand participation and access in our civic communities



Engaging a wide variety of stakeholders in order to democratize access to university data and research



Research to inform and empower a wide range of policy and organizing efforts, increasing equity and well-being throughout the state and beyond..

California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP)

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California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP)

The California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP) is a non-partisan civic engagement research and outreach initiative for the state of California. Founded and directed by Mindy Romero, it is housed at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change.


The CCEP was established to engage public dialogue on representative governance in California. CCEP research is intended to inform and empower a wide range of policy and organizing efforts, supporting equity and well-being throughout the state.

Civic engagement is critical to addressing disparities in state and regional patterns of well-being and opportunity, including outcomes in education, health and employment. The CCEP plays a lead role

in improving the quality and quantity of publicly available civic engagement data by collecting and curating data from a broad range of sources for public access and use.

A key focus of CCEP data analysis is identifying disparities and opportunities in civic participation across place and population in the state. CCEP research also helps explore non-traditional measures of civic engagement, particularly among groups historically underrepresented in our civic and political institutions.

The CCEP invites inquiries and feedback on these data from all interested audiences. Click here to share your thoughts.

Latest Data Release!

What is typical voter turnout for a California primary election?

Check out our new California Primary Voter Turnout Fact Sheet

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CCEP Data Hub

Please visit the links below to search for CCEP Data.

  • California Voter Registration Data Files: 2002-2012 - New!
  • California Youth Civic Engagement Data Files: 2010 (county and census tract levels) and 2012, 2014 General Elections (county level) - New!
  • California Voter Registration Data and GIS Maps
  • California Voter Turnout Data and GIS Maps
  • California Demographic Data and GIS Maps
  • Current Population Survey (November supplement)
  • California Healthy Kids Survey (civic engagement measures only)

    Other data resources

  • New California Legislative District Maps and Demographics
  • California Legislative Voting Records
  • Characteristics of California Electoral Races (Coming soon)

    Click here to see an enlarged version of the pictured map.

    Project Inquiries:
    Mindy Romero, Ph.D., Director

    (530) 665-3010

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