Putting Youth on the Map

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Putting Youth on the Map

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change and the UC Cooperative Extension have created and mapped Youth Well-Being and Youth Vulnerability Indices for the entire state; these indices and associated data are available through a new online data-mapping website.

California wants and needs for its youth to thrive—not merely to survive or face fewer problems. But how do we know whether our young people are doing well? To help answer this question, the UC Davis Center for Regional Change collaborated with the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and VESTRA to create Putting Youth On the Map.

Putting Youth On the Map provides access to new analyses of youth data, as well as links to a variety of existing data sources. New innovations include a Youth Well-Being Index and a Youth Vulnerability Index. The Youth Well-Being Index (YWI) provides a score ranging from 0% up to an optimal 100% for areas bound by California school districts; scores are calculated based on measures of teenagers’ physical and emotional health, educational outcomes, social relationships, and community contexts. The Youth Vulnerability Index (YVI) identifies places where young people might be especially vulnerable to a lack of support for their well-being; it provides a composite score based on the relative rates at which youth experience conditions associated with inadequate support: leaving secondary school without graduating, foster care referral, very low family income, and teen motherhood.

All analyses and data provided through this site are easily displayed on downloadable, printable maps. Data maps can be generated for geographic areas ranging from small areas (e.g. census tracts or school districts) to the entire state. An introductory video provides an overview of the indices, site functionality, and ideas about how to use these resources.

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