HY/HR Research Team

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HY/HR Research Team

Jonathan London, Human & Community Development/CRC, PI

Chris Benner, Human & Community Development, Co-PI/ Quantitative Team Lead

Joshua Breslau, UCDMC Co-PI

David Campbell, Human & Community Development, Co-PI

Nancy Erbstein, Human & Community Development, Co-PI/ Qualitative Team Co-lead

Patsy Eubanks-Owens, Environmental Design, Co-PI/ Youth Voices Team Lead

Estella Geraghty, UCDMC, Co-PI

Michael Rios, Landscape Architecture, Co-PI/ Team Qualitative Co-Lead

Gloria Rodriguez, School of Education, Co-PI/Team Qualitative Co-Lead

Omotunde Adesina, School of Education, Intern

Jennifer Alexander, UCDMC, Administrative Assistant

Rebeca Burciaga, San Jose State University

Sergio Cuellar, Youth In Focus

Johnathen Duran, Community Development, Intern

Kristana Erikson, UCDMC, GIS Intern

Mike Fitzgerald, CRC, Informatics Coordinator

Anne-Marie Flynn, CRC, Project Coordinator

Teri Greenfield, CRC, Informatics Coordinator

Cassie Hartzog, Sociology, GSR

Michelle Kuhns, Community Development, GSR

Larisa Jacobsen, IAD, GSR

Gideon Mazinga, CRC, Postdoctoral Fellow

Kindra Montgomery-Block, CCSP/CRESS/School of Education

Alyssa Nelson, Youth In Focus

Dina Okamoto, Sociology

Amanda Perry, Community Development, GSR

Carol Ramirez, School of Education, Intern

Mindy Romero, Sociology, GSR & Outreach Coordinator

jesikah maria ross, Art of Regional Change

Jesus Sanchez, Youth In Focus

Socorro Shields, School of Education, Intern

Florence Surratt, UCDMC, GIS Intern

Biditha Tithi, Geography, GSR

Julia Vargas, Youth In Focus

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