Built Landscapes of Metropolitan Regions Map Collection

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Built Landscapes of Metropolitan Regions Map Collection

These maps show the distribution of different types of built landscapes, i.e. patterns of streets, blocks, parcels, buildings, and infrastructure at the scale of an urban neighborhood or greater. Built landscapes often correlate with livability and sustainability variables (walkability, motor vehicle use, greenhouse gas emissions, demographic diversity, urban heat island effects, etc.). It is important for stakeholders to think proactively about desirable built landscape forms within new development, and sustainability retrofits to existing built landscapes.









Click here for the JAPA article.

Click here for a short description of landscape types.

Click here for a detailed description of landscape types.

For more information or access to GIS files for particular regions, contact Stephen M. Wheeler at smwheeler@ucdavis.edu

Collection of Regional Maps

Amsterdam Map

Atlanta Map

Beijing Map

Bogota Map

Boston Map

Cairo Map

Delhi Map

Johannesburg Map

Lagos Map

Las Vegas Map

London Map

Mexico City Map

Moscow Map

Paris Map

Portland Map

Rio de Janeiro Map

Rome Map

Sacramento Map

Shanghai Map

Stockholm Map

Sydney Map

Tehran Map

Tokyo Map

Toronto Map

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