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Map Collection

Placer Food Bank Locations of Food Agencies and Low Food Access in the Sacramento Region September 2014 Placer Food Bank, Placer Community Foundation This map displays food banks and agencies relative to low access and low income census tracts in Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, and Sacramento counties.

People Opportunity Index in the San Joaquin Valley

People Opportunity Index in the San Joaquin Valley May 2014 Sierra Health Foundation The CRC produced a series of maps illustrating the Regional Opportunity Index in the San Joaquin Valley. Contact the CRC for more information about this project.
Built Landscapes of Metropolitan Regions August 2015 Prof. Stephen M. Wheeler, Department of Human Ecology

Clicking on the map icon at left provides the option of opening any of the 24 metropolitan regional maps created by Prof. Wheeler within his Built Landscapes project, as well as descriptions of landscape types. These maps show the distribution of different types of built landscapes, i.e. patterns of streets, blocks, parcels, buildings, and infrastructure at the scale of an urban neighborhood or greater. Built landscapes often correlate with livability and sustainability variables (walkability, motor vehicle use, greenhouse gas emissions, demographic diversity, urban heat island effects, etc.). It is important for stakeholders to think proactively about desirable built landscape forms within new development.

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